What makes Costa Rica the excellent location for the American retirees?

What makes Costa Rica the excellent location for the American retirees?

Costa Rica is voted as one of the favorite nations to settle down after retirement. In fact, the retirees of America have always shown particular interest in settling down in the country or making a second home. Do you know the reason behind it? Well, thanks to the blend of fantastic weather conditions, coupled with natural beauty, stability in the political arena and excellent health care services. Costa Rica has come up as one of the popular international destinations in the world today.


The residential real estate sector is booming

If you minutely follow the real estate market of the country, you will find it so stable and balanced. With so many Americans, Europeans and Canadians settling in Costa Rica, the residential real estate sector of the country are expanding and flourishing like never before. Costa Rica has become the favorite spot for buying a new home not only among the regular American retirees, but it is also very common among the Hollywood celebrities these days.

Acquiring residency in Costa Rica is very simple

In case you are a retiree and want to become a permanent resident in Costa Rica, it is a pretty easy thing to do. You simply need to prove to the government with valid documentation that your monthly income is $1000. Yes, you guessed it right, creating the residency is so very easy in this country. Moreover, the local real estate market offers options for people with varying incomes, whether it is a simple home, a luxurious mansion, multi-million beach side villa and so on. You can get hold of varying options depending on your capability and personal preferences.

A retiree can wade away the financial pressure by settling in the country

When a retiree with a fixed monthly income wants to pay in Costa Rica, he/she is taking a wise decision because it eliminates the financial pressure that the retiree might face back at home. Do you know the value of a dollar is way more in Costa Rica than in any other urban American city? Furthermore, Costa Rica is one such nation that is very easy to mingle with its local culture and heritage. In fact, it is a very laid down the country, and you can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful life here.


Check out what Costa Rica has to offer you before investing in a home

If you are new to the country and planning to settle, it is best to check out the different places before spending money and buying a home. It is always better to evaluate the location well before the purchase of a home and settling. Renting for a while is a good option to consider. You get the opportunity to visit the different places in the country and find out what Costa Rica has to offer you and whether you are comfortable with the weather conditions, the culture and the whole aspect of the nation as a whole.

Costa Rica experienced a booming tourism

Perhaps Costa Rica is the first option among the Americans for settling down after retirement. It was the brain of a genius in the 1980s who had the idea of turning Costa Rica into a tourism spot. The agency hired Madison Avenue ad firm to come up with a marketing campaign representing Costa Rica as the overseas retirement haven.

Tens and thousands of American retirees and second home buyers settle down in Costa Rica bringing their income, pension and social security with them. The economy bustles with US Dollar income. Throughout the 1990s the country enjoyed a flourishing tourism and development in the real estate sector.


Enjoy good lifestyle at a low cost

If you are looking for a long term rental in the beach areas, it might be little difficult to find because of the condos and homes that mostly prefer vacation rental and charge high rates. You can get hold of long term rental services from several landlords and property management companies at much lower price. The best part about living in Costa Rica is that it is cheap yet providing a healthy lifestyle. To find the rentals in Costa Rica, you have to go through the local online listings.

Costa Rica has a robust real estate market foundation

The sales of real estate in Costa Rica are adamant, and the majority of the buyers, especially in the Guanacaste are investors rather than the residents. They invest in such properties for vacations for a few days of the year and on the rest of the year, giving out for rents, which brings in revenue. The current scenario in Cost Rica is very evident of the fact that the real estate market is flourishing and there is a solid foundation making it worthy of profit to invest.

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